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If your are purchasing postcards and labels for your customers, we will send them the Marketing Kit as well. You can also use this form to purchase postcards and labels for yourself. IMPORTANT: Please enter the Postcard Qty, Label Qty and then click on the Update Qty button. Next, enter the shipping details and then print this form out and send the form and payment to: Dan Richmond, 426 Namahana St., Suite 402, Honolulu, HI. 96815. Please send cash or money order ONLY. Make money order payable to Dan Richmond

Item Description Item Price Qty Total
Custom Postcards ($0.50 cents each minimum order is 100) $ 0.50 100 $ 50.00
Biz Op Seekers Labels Peel & Stick ($0.10 cents each minimum order is 100) $ 0.10 100 $ 10.00

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