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Earn At Least$3,360.00 Per Month!

All you have do is follow our simple one-page postcard marketing guide, mail A Simple Little Postcard from the comfort of your own home and you too can earn at least $3,360.00 per month. For more details, please read below.

From the desk of: Dan Richmond

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Dan Richmond co-owner of I have been an internet marketer and postcard marketer since 1998. I would like to introduce you to our postcard marketing program that will make you some serious cash.

Our postcard marketing program is not a "Get Rich Quick" money-making scheme. It's an honest and easy way for anyone to work from home and make some serious cash. This is a money-making opportunity that will earn you a decent monthly income online and offline.

With our postcard marketing program:

  • You will NEVER have to create or maintain your own website
  • You will NEVER have to create your own product or service
  • You will NEVER have to stock any inventory
  • You will NEVER have to take or ship orders
  • You will NEVER have to deal with customers or follow up on leads
  • You will NEVER have to work any set hours
  • You will NEVER have to fork out huge investments
  • And best of all, you will make more money than those that do!

How Our Program Works

This is how our program works:

1) First, click on the first "Buy Now" button below and order your Complete Marketing Kit for $120.00. Your complete marketing kit will come with the following:
  • A simple one-page postcard marketing guide
  • 100 custom postcards with your name and address on them. Below is a sample of how your postcards will look.
  • And 100 business opportunity seekers on peel and stick mailing labels. NOTE: The people on our mailing lists are business opportunity seekers only. They have responded to and requested information regarding our money-making programs. They are mail-responsive income opportunity seekers, REAL prospects and are looking for ways to make money.
Make Money Online Working From Home
Front of Postcard

Make Money Online And Get Paid Online
Back of Postcard

2) Once we receive your order, we will ship your marketing kit to you. All you have to do is mail out your postcards. Unlike most postcard programs, your customers will send YOU $120.00 in cash or money orders and NOT us. Your customers will pay YOU directly. Your customers will send you $120.00 for their own marketing kit as they will want to earn $120.00 per sale as well.

3) Once you receive their orders, come back to this website, click on the 2nd "Buy Now" button below and purchase postcards and mailing labels for your customers.  Send us the order form with payment and we'll ship the marketing guide, postcards and labels to your customers. It's just that easy! NOTE: You can also purchase postcards and labels for yourself.

Below is an example of how much you can make just by mailing 25 postcards a day. Currently, we are getting a 4% to 8% order rate for every 25 postcards we send out.

So let's say you sent out 25 postcards a day and received a 4% order rate. Your weekly and monthly income would be as follows: 25 postcards a day x 7 days = 175 postcards sent out per week x 4% order rate = 7 orders @ $120.00 each = $840.00 as your weekly income x 4 weeks = $3,360.00 as your monthly income. You will make all of this money by simply mailing our tested and proven money-making postcards.

The 4% order rate is very conservative. Imagine if you received an order rate greater than 4% or you sent out more than 25 postcards a day, your weekly and monthly income would be endless. The more postcards you send out, the more money you will make. GUARANTEED!

This program is so easy and requires only about an hour a day. All you have to do is follow our instructions and YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!! So if you are ready to make at least $840.00 per week and at least $3,360.00 per month, click on the first "Buy Now" button below and order your Complete Marketing Kit Now!

To Your Success,

Make Money Online And Earn Extra Cash

Dan Richmond

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